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“Every Day begins with some expectation but ends with Some Experience…”

We as Sparshan Group, do not fall in the Big List category but definitely want to get counted in the fastest growing firms who stand beside people for the people….

In the Competition market among the Big Brands advertising for the renowned companies with lots more facilities, we make ourselves unique as we work for Fresher’s as “Light for the Blind’s…” and “Hand for the Lame…”.

We segregate us from other in terms of:

Cost to helpless / % Commission and Fees / Services at Free cost / Connect People to appropriate destination.

Profit is not Monetary but Public & Human relation which is our greatest strength for better tomorrow.

Database, Infrastructure, Exposure, Brand Image, Advertisements, Sponsors……….We possess none of this but….”We want to have Mass and People support for whom we stand and we want them beside us….”

We believe in “One Step You and One step Me and we will walk the path of Life together…..”

We believe in Humanity rather not unlike profit making firms and so till date we provide a % of our share to “Unicef” and “Cry” for their better future……..

The Two Greatest Big Icons of India who support “Unicef” and have their opinion at http://www.unicef.org/india/ makes us proud that we are also a part of that community to serve Humanity……

We don’t say “Please……” as we are confident and so we say “You give us opportunity, we will give you result” as per your requirement to resolve the purpose of vice-versa.


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Mother Tongue
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28 years
 Kamalesh Behera
22 years
 arindam roy
24 years
 dipak khanna
27 years

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